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Design Critique: Products for People

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May 18, 2009

Tim Keirnan interviews Jim Jacoby of Manifest Digital about "big picture" UX  and our ideal place inside companies. Jim's presentation  was called "Interaction Designers As The Next Generation of Business Leaders". Recorded at Internet User Experience 2009 on April 1st, Jim told us the following points:

* Why interaction designers should be the next generation of business leaders inside our companies.

* How traditional "business players" in companies have become commodities.

* Why "the creatives" in companies should step forward and help their companies innovate at the highest levels, not passively remain in the background.

* The danger of being an introvert while "empty megaphones" from other areas may lead your company in non-customer, unauthentic, non-innovative directions.

As a provocatively sincere and friendly revolutionary, Jim tells us about all this and more, including the importance of being "in the moment" with our end users/customers and coworkers.

Manifest Digital is found at

Jim's blog, Everlasting Now, is at

The "mindful walking" exercise Tim mentioned came from his experience at Peaceful Dragon School in Ann Arbor: