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May 26, 2016

Microsoft hit a new low in their obnoxious campaign to upgrade customers' PCs that were Windows 7 or 8 to Windows 10. The user interface is almost impossible to say "no" to when the dreaded Win10 upgrade message appears.

Anecdotes about affected customers Tim knows and a critique of two freeware utilities that can keep a Windows machine under the user's control are featured in this short episode. When will Microsoft learn to respect customer's private property and offer an honest UI to upgrade to Windows 10? Never, probably. The brand is suffering as Microsoft demonstrates contempt for their paying customers and tricks customers into forced upgrades.

Hypnotically cool documentary of Lenny's Shirts:

Lenny's Shirts store on Etsy:

Paul Thurott's excellent article explains the whole mess:

Steve Gibson of GRC created Never10 to let owners regain control of their Windows PC:

GWX Control Panel is not as easy to use as Never10, but offers more configuring options: