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Design Critique: Products for People

Encouraging usable designs for a better customer experience.

Dec 20, 2019

Tesla Model 3 owners Ryan Malcolm and Syed Ibrahim join Tim Keirnan for a thorough critique of their cars while Tim moderates this ad-free, in-depth discussion. We follow the show's Critique by Values model to learn how Ryan and Syed experienced each of the phases of product...

Nov 24, 2019

Dr. Rebecca Grier joins Tim Keirnan for a wordcast episode about Fitts' Law and Fitts' List. Who was Paul Fitts and how did this legendary psychologist impact our design professions to this day?

In a beautiful bit of synchronicity, Wired magazine published this excellent article about Fitts and Chapanis solving a...

Sep 13, 2019

Jared Spool and Dana Chisnell join Tim Keirnan for a conversation about what Tim is calling the "buzzwordification" of UX. Has the increasing notoriety of this profession label helped us? Has it hindered us? Maybe it's a balance of pro and con. Maybe we just need to meet in a rental car in a parking garage somewhere in...

Aug 9, 2019

Mike Velasco joins Timothy Keirnan to critique the E-sds HDMI 2 Port KVM Switch Box. This item enables the use of two computers with a shared keyboard (K), video monitor (V), and mouse (M). The holistic excellence of this product is surprising.

When a company does the mundane as well as this product, it shows what can...

Jun 30, 2019

Paul Axente, host of meetup group UX City and producer of the new Design Conversations podcast, joins Tim Keirnan for a wide-ranging discussion about UX in Romania and other topics, including:
* UX City's purpose and meetings
* Paul's unique route to a UX career
* The Design Conversations podcast
* Dark patterns in...